Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunny Light

I don't care who you are this light is adorable! I always pick up square vases like this at yard sales because you can use them for so many things. I had all the stuff I needed to make this adorable light. It is on my entry room table now. My little boys are going to love it!
First here are the supplies you need:
  • Bunny ears and bow set.
  • Bag of marbles, plastic crystals, anything you can put with lights.
  • 2 black flat marbles
  • 20 count light set
  • 2 big pom - pom's
  • 1 bright pink 1 inch pom
  • 1 square vase
  • 2 pipe cleaners cut into 1/3's
  • Hot glue gun

How to do it:

I had to do it twice because my lights looked funny. I put a layer of crystal pieces in the bottom and then 6 lights on top. Then I added about 2 inches of chrystals and another 6 lights, then another layer of chrystals and the rest of the lights. Then I stuck the bunny ears in then more chrystals. Glued on the poms, eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers. Added the bow and plugged it in! Yippeee! I love fun, fast and easy projects.....especially when I had all the stuff for it!

This is the light in the dark:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Projects to Do WIth The Children in Your Life

Look at this fun garland from Family Circle. It is made with ribbon instead of paper. What a great texture this is. Full instructions are at the link at the end of the picture.

Here is another fun projects to do with kids that make great decorations for spring.

Easter Centerpiece and Table Ideas

What a simple yet stunning spring or Easter table. This is from the Family Circle Websitel
This is also from the Family Circle Website.
This blog has a bunch of fun ideas for centerpieces
er at Celebrating Today there is a complete tutorial on how to make this adorable centerpiece.

At the Celebration Shop are the instructions to make this adorable centerpiece.
This beautiful Egg is from Room to Inspire blog. She has all the instructions of how to make it. What a great job she has done!

Here is another great link for Easter Tables - it is over at "Between Naps on the Front Porch"
If you scroll down, you will see over 100 links for fun table ideas at Tablescape Thursday.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter Wreaths

I love wreaths that are a "Where's Waldo" type look. Last Halloween I took all the leftover stuff I had and turned it into a wreath and it is just perfect! I also did it with a bunch of tiny Santa's at Christmas.
Here is an Easter wreath with all kinds of fun stuff on it!


My friend Paige from Arizona, made this darling wreath - I have included her notes at the bottom of the picture of how she made it.

Basically it started with a straw wreath that I already had in my craft supplies, I hot glued yellow and green Easter grass around the wreath in about 6" patches, alternating, along with a couple swaths of a 2 1/2" wire Easter ribbon I had already. Then I cut the stems off of white & pink tiny flowers I got for $1 each at Walmart, alternated them around the circle - 6 stems each color. I cut the flowers off a purple (??? - maybe hydrangea?) and glued them around.

I did a search for "vintage Easter graphics" and saved 7 of them to my photos file and printed them off in wallet size. I spaced them around, glued in 6 or 7 small plastic eggs I got at Walgreens, made "chicks" out of yellow pom-poms with orange felt beaks and Google eyes. I found tiny little ducks at Fry's grocery store and used them, too.

I had some 2" straw hats in my craft cupboard so I added in 3 of those, and hot glued a ladybug button on each. Finally, I had a package of 3/8" pearl beads and I just added in about a dozen of those for effect.


This is a Peep's Wreath...the lights are peeps lights. I attached them to a wreath in bunches then covered them with tulle. The pictures really don't do this wreath justice, it is fun in person. There are also mini eggs here and there under the tulle.


When I was little my grandmother used to dye eggs with us using all natural things she had. Here are a few of the colors I remember:

Yellow - 1 t Tumeric &2/3 c -Boiling water (Stir til dissolved) Add 1/2 tsp Vinegar

All Different Colors
BOIL EGG WITH ONE OF THE FOLLOWING and add 1/2 tsp Vinegar
Onion skins - (gold)
Grape Juice - (light purple)
Spinach - (green)
Beets - (violet)
Red Cabbage Leaves - (pink)
Wash farm eggs in warm soapy water. (Grocery store eggs are already washed.) Simmer for 20 minutes.

Easter Goodies 2010

Aren't these so fun! What a fun spring or Easter Treat.

Look at these very awesome Easter Egg Ice Cubes:

You can find the instructions at: